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Lan's Sauce

Lan's Herbal Chili Sauce

Lan's Herbal Chili Sauce

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We encourage you to try our sauce on anything you can think of! Just by adding 1-2 tablespoons at the end of cooking will give your meal that extra flavorful “pop” to elevate your dishes! Any meats, vegetables, noodles or rice you might think of, Lan’s Sauce brings a unique, tantalizing flavour enhancement to your recipes–you’ll even lick the plate! Our sauce is 100% vegan and is made friendly to those who are sensitive to spice levels. Lan’s Sauce gives you a delicious kick without burning your mouth!

As restaurant owners, we know you’re always looking to add bold new flavours to your menu. We look forward to Lan’s Sauce having a special place in your restaurant’s pantry. We know our generations strong, time-tested sauce will bring your menu offerings to a new elevated level. As restaurant owners ourselves, we know how important it is, and how rewarding it feels to see your customers beaming with joy from your unique restaurant offerings. Lan’s is a welcome ingredient to any kitchen big or small!


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Canola oil, Rapeseed oil, infused with the essence of szechuan bell pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, herbal spices and broad bean paste.


Our chili oil can be stored at room temperature, on your kitchen counter as it is both useful for cooking and it's elegant design adds decor to your space!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A staple sauce

This will quickly become a go-to sauce in our house! It’s not too spicy, has so much umami and elevates every dish.

Warren Sun
Amazing , can-do-everything sauce!

This sauce is so versatile. Add it to literally any thing (meat, veggies, tofu, etc) and turn it into something delicious. It got just the right kick of heat to make it interesting but still enjoyable.

Simon Grandy
Turn any disappointing meal into something delicious

Super versatile sauce! Every time a meal feels a bit bland I throw a spoonful of Lan’s on it and it really transforms it. I even eat it straight with toast when I’m in a rush or feeling lazy and it’s soooo good.

Makes the best and easy stir fries!!!!

I literally put a table spoon of this sauce in my stir fry and it's done. So easy and tastes so good!

Charles Chang
Delicious and not too spicy!!!

Wow so yummy and amazing it can be so flavourful without burning your mouth! Way to go - 5 stars all the way!!!